We are a foundation or an association

Keenly aware of the reality of today’s social needs, Sum is able to help foundation leaders set up a wealth acquisition program using several strategies in order to ensure financial sustainability.

Through our network of experts, we specialize in the tax aspect of planned gifts to both maximize the value of donations made to foundations and minimize your donors’ tax impact.

Our services

Immediate gifts

  • Charitable annuity
  • Gift of residual interest

Deferred gifts

  • Testamentary gift
  • Life insurance gift
  • Charity trust

Mixed gifts

  • Listed security gift
  • Gift-in-kind


Sum provides insurance solutions to members of associations or affinity groups. We add value to these organizations by allowing their members to easily access the most competitive products and services offered on the Canadian market today in the field of optional membership insurance. Furthermore, our network of experts are at their disposal to answer any financial or tax-related questions they may have.